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Who We Are

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Milwaukee numbers among the world’s most significant hubs for water research and industry.  Thanks to the work of The Water Council, a plethora of recent accomplishments has accelerated the region’s global impact and prestige.

Whether you are in industry, academia or government, you will find a confluence of expertise and resources in the Milwaukee region, needed to succeed in the world water marketplace.

  • More than 150 water technology companies.
  • University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, home to the first School of Freshwater Sciences in the nation.
  • Designation as a UN Global Compact City, recognized internationally as a center of freshwater expertise.
  • Institute for Water Business program at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.
  • Over 100 academic scientists and researchers focused on water solutions.
  • A national sustainability leader for managing stormwater with green infrastructure, extracting renewable energy from waste products, and mitigating and adapting to climate change.

The Water Council, the only organization of its kind in the United States, is successfully coalescing these tremendous attributes together into a powerful force.  Created by leaders in both business and education, The Water Council is convening the region’s existing water companies and research clusters, developing education programs to train our talent, and building partnerships that cut across all sectors and geographic boundaries.  Our accomplishments to date are helping to write a compelling story to tell the world!

No other industry in Milwaukee has inspired such an extensive level of collaboration between sectors, or created such a dynamic and infectious “buzz” amongst our citizens.  Perhaps even more importantly, the enormous potential of the water industry offers hope; hope that will shine a spotlight on the Milwaukee region both nationally and internationally.

The Milwaukee region has quickly become recognized as a world hub for water research, education and economic development.  We will continue to advance our global position by becoming a magnet that attracts creative talent, innovative ideas and is recognized as a water leader in tomorrow’s world.




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